Kinetic | Remote Monitoring

24 x 7 Monitoring of Critical Devices and Support from Anywhere, Anytime

Our remote monitoring service gives you peace of mind that your critical network devices such as your servers, routers, firewall and network services are running smoothly.

Offsite Remote Monitoring with Onsite Support

Remote network monitoring allows us to anticipate or identify issues before they become major problems. Real-time reports and a status dashboard help pinpoint the problem areas immediately.

Our system monitors your network devices 24 x 7 and if there is an alert, we will quickly determine if the issue is merely a warning or false positive, or if it warrants remote support from a technician. Business impact rules are determined with you in advance for each device or service being monitored, so we know exactly how you would like us to resolve an issue.

Remote Network and PC Support

If Remote Support is required, the our technicians are equipped to handle the issue using state-of-the-art tools and documentation. Our support architecture allows the technician securely log into your environment, pinpoint the problem and resolve it remotely. The service is convenient and provides a fast response without a disruption to you.