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Keeping Track Of Newsletter Subscriptions

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If you subscribe to a lot of email newsletters, keeping track of subscriptions can become a little difficult. At some point, you may want to quickly access information such as the address of the newsletter's website, when you subscribed, how to unsubscribe or how to contact the publisher.

Therefore, it is a good idea to save the "Welcome" email that you generally receive when you subscribe to a newsletter. Most email newsletters will provide some sort of introductory message that contains relevant information that may come in handy at a later date. A good way to store these "Welcome" messages is to create an email folder specifically for the purpose. Then whenever you subscribe to a newsletter, you can simply drag the "Welcome" email into this folder for future reference.

Because I subscribe to quite a large number of newsletters, I have extended this concept a little further. I have an email address just for newsletters. Having a separate email address makes it quite easy to filter all newsletters into a specific email folder. Once they arrive in my "Newsletters" folder, I can then drag and drop the messages into the most appropriate subfolder. As well as a subfolder for "Welcome" messages, I also have subfolders for each of my favourite newsletters. These subfolders then act as handy searchable archives for my newsletters.