Kinetic | Email Protection

SPAM and viruses are a constant threat to any business.

To help prevent this threat, we have partnered with Postini, the Industry's leading provider of email security products, to offer our clients an off-site virus and spam email filtering service at an affordable price.

This off-site email management system filters the email before the email hits your inbox, providing better security to your network and reducing Internet bandwidth overhead.

What is Postini?

Postini is a professional off-site email Virus and spam filtering service. Spam and virus filtering is their core business - it's all they do and they do it very well! Their entire service is dedicated to maintaining live, state of the art, up-to-the-minute email filtering systems.

Postini has been in operation since 1999 and they currently process more than 3 billion emails every week. Their management services assure customers of consistent, reliable 99.999 percent service availability, without significant delay in delivering legitimate email messages.

Benefits of using our off-site email Filtering Service:
  1. Users' emails are processed through the Postini servers before they are forwarded to your In-Box. This reduces the load on our servers, while you get peace of mind and better performance.
  2. McAfee Anti-virusPostini filters out viruses before they reach your In-Box and downloads to your computer.
  3. Postini updates their rules directly from McAfee and/or other sources every 15 minutes, meaning that your vulnerability is reduced to 15 minutes.
  4. Blatant spam is blackholed, so you never see it. All other suspected spam is filtered into your quarantined folder at Postini for you to view and process as needed.
  5. You control your email filtering rules and lists. Any email address added to your whitelist is not filtered.
How do I manage my Postini service?
  1. You control the settings of your Postini account using an easy-to-use, web-based control panel.
  2. You set the level of filter for bulk email, sexually explicit email, get rich quick, special offers and racially insensitive emails from lenient to aggressive (5 levels).
  3. There is nothing to install on your computer.
  4. You do not need to buy any software with this Service
  5. No need to reconfigure your existing passwords.
  6. No change to the way you use email.