KCG Becomes A NovaStor Partner

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KCG uses NovaStor solutions as part of its family of backup solutions.

NovaStor specializes in bringing reliable and cost-effective data protection solutions to small businesses and individuals around the world. NovaStor offers data protection solutions for multiple types of businesses and users.

Small Business
Simple, affordable backup software that supports ANY type of backup device. Boot disk disaster recovery available for recovering quickly from complete hard drive failures.

Backup groups of users and any number of Windows, Linux, and Novell Netware Servers. The solution works effectively over the network and supports hundreds of tape backup devices including autoloaders and tape libraries.

Mobile Users and Remote Offices
Backup laptop and desktop computers efficiently over any TCP/IP network including the Internet. FastBIT incremental backup technology is the fastest backup technology available and works great with low speed connections.

View more information on NovaStor by visiting www.novastor.com