Our Mission

We are committed to being the leading provider of support centric solutions to enterprises & technology companies. We are technology focused, but first & foremost, we are 'customer satisfaction driven'.

Our mission of 100% referenceable customers has been instilled deep in the company's DNA and is consistent at every touch point of the KCG eco-system, internal and external.

Our Customers

We strive to have 100% Referenceable Clients

The challenge that we meet everyday at KCG is to keep our delivery to clients consistent and strong, to maintain that 100% mark. Because anything less than that is not good enough.

We call this "Our DNA" and it drives all our activities.

Customers of KCG take comfort in the fact that at every level of interaction and at each transaction, they will find:

  • Commitment to highest level of quality
  • Technology excellence
  • A passion to do it right the first time and
  • A focus on end customer satisfaction

These ensure we consistently meet and surpass our SLAs resulting in customer delight. And a delighted customer is a referenceable customer. We take further pride in the fact that a majority of our business comes from customer references.

Our Employees

The mission of 100% referenceable customers translates into the operational goal of 100% referenceable transactions. Every transaction, for every employee, whether its internal facing or external, should be:

  • Of expected quality or exceed it
  • Should exactly match customer needs
  • Transparent
  • Adherent to KCG values

Here at KCG, we are very passionate about what we do and have an intense drive to innovate and excel. We empower our employees to be process owners and to make the right decisions that are in line with organizational & client objectives.

Our Partners

We believe our partners are an important part of our eco-system. Hence the standards that we maintain with our customers and employees also apply in all our interactions with our partners and vendors.

We are also firm believers in ethical business practices and maintain impeccably high standards. We conduct all business activities in a manner that is lawful and fair and we operate at the highest level of integrity with all stakeholders.